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JUTSJava Urban Traffic Simulator
JUTSJoint Utility Training School (est. 1976; Beresford, SD)
JUTSJamaica Unit Trust Services Ltd.
JUTSJadwal Ujian Tengah Semester (Indonesian: Middle Semester Exam Schedule; academics)
JUTSJamaica Union of Tertiary Students
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Gulf: Broadly curved coastline where the ocean juts into the land.
Her site was the terraced hillside at Candlestick Point, a spit of windswept land that juts into the bay just north of the airport.
When Out Of Sight came out in the States, one film critic gushed: "Lopez, whose spectacular ass juts out as expressively as her swollen mouth, is terrific.
Rubyfruit's plot pretty much mirrors Brown's childhood and college days at New York University, and anyone who's read Six of One or Bingo has already met Brown's fictional incarnations of her wildly colorful adoptive mother, Juts, and her Aunt Mimi.
Two miles away at Buttenut Lake, a fishing pier juts into a beautiful 1300-acre lake where you can catch walleye, bass, bluegill, and perch.
Indiana Juts the Wabash, Michigan in the Au Sable, known for both its canoeing and its trout fishing.
Another cafe on the same block that juts out from a slummy townhouse, pays less for its patch of sidewalk.
One batter in, he already had put the Dodgers in a 1-0 hole by giving up a home run to former Dodgers center fielder Dave Roberts that landed in the weird, triangular seating contrivance that juts into fair territory just beyond Petco's right-field foul pole.
A rock appendage, looking like a scrotum stretched to breaking point, juts out at eye level from a wall-mounted melange of wood chunks that suggests the face of a cliff.
Cape: A point of land, often a hook or curve, that juts out far into the water.
Crucial elements of the comblike set of teeth that juts from the lower jaw of living lemurs and lorises appear in Bugtilemur, the researchers hold.
The new building is on a 145m pier which juts out north-east into the sea towards the central island of Trosso next to the dock of the Sloop and Launch Shed.