JVAFFJules Verne Adventure Film Festival (Los Angeles, CA)
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Attendees of JVAFF programs and films at the Los Angeles Theatre, inaugurated by Charlie Chaplin in 1931, will experience another landmark building restored to its original glory.
Continuing the super-tribute theme through closing night, JVAFF will present NBC's hit series Heroes live onstage.
JVAFF was conceived to inspire and enlighten the human spirit about the mysteries and wonders of the universe with unprecedented spectacle, style and passion.
Los Angeles, a city that in many ways has "seen it all," is about to get a glimpse of something completely new when JVAFF takes residence on Dec.
For the 10/15 closing night program, JVAFF has created an unprecedented Star Trek 40th Anniversary Celebration to be hosted by Eugene "Rod" Roddenberry, Jr.