JVISJackson Vocational Interest Survey
JVISJoint Visual Information Services
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Deposits and Guarantees required: Regarding the * lot 1 purchase of meat - poultry and meats for JVIS Baine-le-Chteau (Chemin Saint-Joseph, 3-1440 Braine-le-Chteau) The level of the bond is the estimated monthly amount of lot 1 multiplied by 6, or 4880 x 6 = 29 280 EUR.
The VOC-99 is not intended to supplant the various instruments and interest inventories that already exist--examples include the Career Interest Test (Athanasou, 2002), the Jackson Vocational Interest Survey or JVIS (Jackson, 1977), the Kuder Career Search (Kuder, 1977), and UNIACT (Swaney, 1995).
A comparable 'dilemma' technique is used in the Career Interest Test (Athanasou, 2002) and the JVIS (Jackson, 1977).