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JVMJava Virtual Machine
JVMJharkhand Vikas Morcha (political party; India)
JVMJuste Valeur Marchande (French: fair market value)
JVMJournal of Vacation Marketing
JVMJava Virtual Memory
JVMJoint Venture Manager (software)
JVMJason vs. Michael
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We are pushing the envelope with Azul Systems by delivering an incredible boost in performance for JVMs.
JVM ( P) principal general secretary Pradip Yadav on Monday told a news conference here that Kumar, who had been authorised to talk with P to hammer out any possible understanding, had some discussions in this regard.
As this project progress, we may identify challenges with the Java API and constructs which may lead to new language, JVM and library extensions that will need standardisation under the JCP process.
And if you want your Java program to run on your watch, you need a JVM for your watch.
In addition to enabling Jini, a JVM in a storage controller would enable the controller to act as a proxy for disks or tapes attached to it.
Visual COBOL R3 is the first solution to translate the COBOL language directly to the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), allowing developers to create COBOL applications for the JVM framework and seamlessly integrate with Java.
To simplify this complex process, Anturis JVM monitoring allows users to monitor total memory usage, heap, non-heap and pool memory usages, threads and classes of JVMs, to ensure the best performance.
JVM is leading the protest and we are demanding government to constitute a committee to rehabilitate the displaced victims, off hook the agricultural land and grant compensation and jobs as promised at the time of displacement," Yadav said.
In order to have modules swapped in and out at will without screwing up the whole environment, you need to have support in the JVM as well," Little said.
The task for the Congress seems easier this time in the politically volatile state because it doesn't need the support of Lalu Prasad's Rashtriya Janata Dal ( five seats) to form a government, provided the JMM is ready to support the Congress- JVM alliance.
Oracle(R) JRockit on NEC Delivers Up To Three Times More Performance than Competing Sun JVM and IBM JVM Results
Until now, users have had to run a separate JVM for each application, which can take up huge amounts of memory and machine resources, and limits what you can do.