JVNJapan Vulnerability Notes (Internet security forum)
JVNJohn Von Neumann (mathematician)
JVNJoslin Vision Network (eye care; Joslin Diabetes Center; Boston, MA)
JVNJob Vacancy Notice
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In doing so, they could ensure that, if JVN had to be taken down for an upgrade, the downtime would be well spent.
As the team got closer to being able to put the JVN into production, focus was on making sure that queue runtime lengths were consistent with the hardware and software reliability of the system.
With these steps completed, JVN was ready to be tuned, optimized and put into production.
Since it went into production in May 2005, JVN has supported various applications including electromagnetic, penetration mechanics, aerodynamics and computational fluid dynamics.
JVN images, along with other key patient data, including blood pressure and A1C scores (the average blood glucose measurement during the two to three months before the date the A1C test was taken), obtained in the primary care physician's practice or endocrinologist's office, are transmitted securely via the Internet to the JVN Reading and Evaluation Center at Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston.
JVN was founded by world-renowned Joslin ophthalmologist Lloyd M.
Veraxa Health will focus on marketing JVN to primary care and endocrinology practices nationwide, in order to reach large patient populations and facilitate referrals to eye care providers when needed," said Rick Morello, Chief Executive Officer and President, Veraxa Health.
director of Joslin Diabetes Center's Beetham Eye Institute and the JVN Reading and Evaluation Center, "The accuracy of JVN as a diagnostic tool for diabetic retinopathy has been rigorously described and validated in
JVN is a new tool to help realize the best care for these patients.
Our new Joslin affiliation allows us to offer world-class expertise to the estimated 100,000 people in Rhode Island with diabetes, and we are proud to be the first member of the JVN Affiliate Program," said Peter Koch, Chief Executive Officer, Koch Eye Associates.
The new Joslin Vision Network(TM) Affiliate Program is a clinical service-offering specific to eye care providers that enables them to incorporate the JVN into their practice and outreach programs.
Most insurance plans will cover the costs of the JVN imaging, evaluation and treatment plan.