JWAJewish Women's Archive
JWAJohn Wayne Airport
JWAJapan Weather Association
JWAJournal of World Anthropology
JWAJapan Wrestling Association (professional wrestling circuit)
JWAJohn Wagner Associates, Inc. (various locations)
JWAJim Wilson and Associates, Inc. (Montgomery, AL)
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In response to the weather forecast made by the JWA earlier predicting that the mercury could slide to as low as 4 degrees Celsius, Wu said it is not very reliable based on his Japanese counterparts' previous errors forecasting Taiwan's temperatures.
Last month, the Log Cabin Democrat reported that CDC and JWA had planned a $175 million multiuse development after submitting their winning bid to purchase the land from the city.
The AJHS, too, was an important stimulus to the founding of JWA, and it has, over the years, supported and partnered with JWA as it has worked to fill out the documentary record.
JWA Consulting specialises in the use of Advanced Lean in hospitals and health systems and is a pioneer in the adaption of Toyota Production System principles for healthcare.
Please complete the coupon right in block letters and send your application, with crossed cheque, payable to JWA Ltd Evening Telegraph/Crooners CD Offer, PO Box 5553, Brightlingsea, Essex, CO7 OFB.
Complete the coupon below in block letters and send your application with your crossed cheque, payable to JWA Ltd.
Earlier during this month the airline completed its JWA changeover from AirTran to Southwest planes to two destinations in Mexico.
Even when pursuing the biographical role model approach to history, JWA took care to avoid a purely celebratory angle on the lives of the "Women of Valor," mentioning (where relevant) the figures' blind spots or failures to live up to contemporary expectations.
To claim your free oils collect two tokens, one was printed yesterday and the other today, and send a large padded SAE with a 41p stamp, or send a pounds 1 cheque towards postage, made payable to JWA Ltd and you will be sent your free gift.
Simply send a large padded 57p SAE or alternatively a pounds 1 cheque towards postage, made payable to JWA Ltd and we'll send you a free CD, selected at random.
I wouldn t say we were surprised, but maybe disappointed, we obviously want our air carriers to succeed, said Rachel Gibson, JWA manager for customer relations.
Diversified Origin And Destination (O&D) Airport: JWA is the only commercial airport in Orange County and the second largest commercial airport within the Greater Los Angeles Area.