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Harry Cutler, chair of the JWB, assured his audiences that the American values for which they had gone to war represented "the same ideal and the same purpose that was handed down to us from Mount Sinai.
The JWB fought hard for its position as a CTCA partner organization.
The praise lavished upon the YMCA by Secretary Baker provided the JWB with plenty of room in which to maneuver.
If, JWB leaders concluded, the "righteousness" that American soldiers encountered in "the basements of churches" and "the rooms of Young Men's and Young Women's Christian Associations" made them better citizens, then the JWB did not have to demonstrate that it could embrace nonsectarianism more earnestly than its Protestant partner, but, rather, to show that Judaism, too, offered young men a path to righteousness and American values.
36) Adler avowed that the JWB would serve all American soldiers and sailors, in keeping with the nonsectarian policies of the War Department, but that the board remained committed to providing distinctly Jewish services for Jewish servicemen.
The JWB therefore lobbied Congress for new legislation to make it possible to appoint Jewish chaplains-at-large whose appointment would hinge on the number of Jews in the U.
At the same time, in anticipation of the desired legislative changes, the JWB assumed control over the task of nominating Jewish candidates for military commissions.
In terms of the number of articles for the 1991-2000 time period, JIBS is the most voluminous, followed by JWB and then MIR.
In this study we extend the ranking of international business schools by including MIR, JIBS and JWB and making the rankings more justifiable.
The JWB editorship was based in Columbia University till 1996.
Table 5 shows the top 40 universities based on the total appearances in JIBS, MIR, and JWB for the two time periods- 1991-1995 and 1996-2000 (5).
This effect is more pronounced for JIBS and JWB as compared to MIR.