JWFCJoint Warfighting Center
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The new JWFC/JCLL organization operated as intended, even after the JWFC was transferred to U.
On February 3, 2003, he tasked the USJFCOM J7 and the JWFC to build the necessary collection team, drawing resources from across the command.
The JWFC is located at USJFCOM's Joint Training, Analysis and Simulation Center in Suffolk.
To date, the JWFC study recommendation for the implementation of a JFFC has only been embraced as optional.
The JWFC commander serves as the joint force trainer to ensure the fidelity and coordination of the military's overall joint training efforts.
As part of JWFC's Command Group focus, SAIC has provided Enterprise Content Management, Advanced Distance Learning, and Joint Digital Library System (JDLS) support for JWFC System Engineering.
JWFC is our company's top priority at JFCOM," said Bev Seay, general manager of the Strategies, Simulation and Training Business Unit, SAIC's lead organization for JWFC.
Joint Forces Command, ATTN: JWFC (Code JW4000), 116 Lakeview Parkway, Suffolk, Virginia 23435-2697; Fax at (757) 686-6057; or send e-mail to jcll@jwfc.
In addition to conducting joint and multinational training exercises and crisis rehearsals, the JWFC aids the Chairman and Joint Chiefs of Staff in preparation for joint and combined operations and assists in the conceptualization, development and assessment of joint doctrine.
This award combines separate contracts that now support the JWFC at Fort Monroe in Hampton, Va.
The JWFC supports joint and multinational training and exercises, joint experimentation, crisis rehearsals; and aids the Chairman and Joint Chiefs of Staff to prepare for joint and combined operations and assist in the conceptualization, development and assessment of joint doctrine.
With TRW as the prime contractor, the JWFC support team will provide support for local, distributed and remote events, including planning, scheduling, logistics, simulation, intelligence, scenario development, database building, distributed learning, courseware development, technical and facility support, as well as all other elements associated with the Joint Training Program.