JWODJavits-Wagner-O'Day (US federal job/training program)
JWoDJewelers Ward of Deflecting (Diablo gaming)
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122) To further that end, Congress intended for JWOD to provide a
The Randolph-Sheppard and JWOD programs use different procedures to provide food services to DOD.
Effective 27 November 2006, the JWOD is now known as AbilityOne.
The JWOD home-based CSRs are able to provide the same high quality answers to Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries as their on-site peers," Kertesz says.
According to the study, the net savings comes from the increase in payroll and income taxes and reduction of entitlements that result from the commissary, food service, and custodial programs operating under the JWOD program.
This agreement establishes a strategic alliance for long-term mutual benefit that delivers improved processes for contracting; recognizes the JWOD program as the vendor of choice for the Public Buildings Services; and values market-pricing, job creation, ease of process, flexibility, quality, and industry innovation.
Melwood Horticultural Training Center in Maryland, using the leverage provided through the JWOD Program, has achieved outstanding success in empowering people with developmental disabilities through employment on these government projects.
Not only are people who are blind or have other severe disabilities a vital part of the country's workforce, under the JWOD Program they are a critical link in the military's manufacturing industrial base.
Usdane Memorial Award--given to someone who has exhibited outstanding achievement, displayed exceptional character, and excelled in the JWOD Program--went to Willie Slaton (Atlanta), who was born with cerebral palsy and is a full-time employee at the USARC Mail Center.
In 1974, these six groups formed a new organization--National Industries for the Severely Handicapped (NISH)--whose purpose was to support the JWOD Program and seek authorization as a second central nonprofit agency.
Contracting officers are not held to the notification required when changes in JWOD specifications or descriptions are required to meet emergency needs.
In addition mandatory JWOD items can be procured via both contracts and in some instances JWOD office supplies can also be obtained at a discount.