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Later that year, he again wrote Reitz to have him intervene with UF's Director of Grounds, who had made the job of "a very close friend" of John's "unbearable" (23 October 1956, JWR Papers, box 40).
Reitz then offered him future parking privileges during games (9 November 1956, JWR Papers, box 40).
Further he thought the committee was "not intended to function as an accusatory body" and was "not intended to function as a director or supervisor of executive activities" (JWR to WM, September 1962, JWR Papers, box 26).
John Roy of JWR Sprinklers said, "Our goal is to educate the community on how to get the best results for all their property improvement projects at any budget.
For those people environmentally aware, their conscience can be at ease when purchasing and burning wood & fuel from JWR.
Apart from its selected music from Jewish performers JWR will also offer educational material from Jews for Judaism and other topics such as Judaism and Vegetarianism.
Julian Westaway had appeared on the programme two years ago when there had been complaints about his firm JWR.
5 mine, mainly to familiarize the miners with the use of the sheathed charge and to observe how well the charge would break rock of the type found in the JWR mines.
We have been studying the citations to see how to proceed," said Kyle Parks, spokesperson for JWR.
About 80 mine rescue workers from other JWR mines are working at the site, according to company Spokesperson Kyle Parks.
JWR has started a fund to help the relatives of the miners who died in the accident, and will match private contributions to the fund.