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JXTAJuxtapose (Sun Microsystems)
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It features a peer-to-peer architecture and is being implemented using the Project JXTA framework.
Edutella (Edutella, 2002) is an RDF-based Metadam Infrastructure for P2P Applications based on JXTA.
Project JXTA started as a research project incubated at Sun Microsystems, Inc.
The JXTA protocols let programs interact with each other, just as HTTP and HTML, for example, let Web browsers work with any Web server.
Genius Bytes, a Ricoh developer in Germany, has completed a PKI implementation of JXTA on Ricoh printers titled "Office P2P," enabling customers to send documents to each other from any internet-enabled source as well as from printer to printer using Java and JXTA technology.
This infrastructure supports the development and deployment of diverse applications within the NetAlter framework based on either the Net platform or Java JXTA Platform; in the form of Service Modules the output of which is a designated service.
Before we present the semantic integration solution, we describe the P2P architecture built in JXTA protocol.
Juan Carlos Soto, Sun Microsystems vice president, Software, said: "We are thrilled to see Collanos' product applying JXTA peer-to-peer technology to automate and synchronize team collaboration.
The JXTA [24] (from juxtaposition) project at Sun Microsystems is a research effort to support large-scale P2P infrastructures.
Discusses the emerging fields of Peer-to-Peer (P2P) and grid middleware detailing middleware platforms such as JXTA and the Globus middleware toolkit.
JXTA, the Industry Leading P2P Technology, to Be Embedded as Discovery Mechanism as Part of Multi-Billion-Dollar Future Combat Systems Project
It is a system that supports messaging in a Peer-to-Peer Grid [1,10]; it is a generalized publish-subscribe mechanism; it handles dynamic protocol choice, tunneling through firewalls; it supports TCP, UDP, multicast, SSL and RTP; it can run in client-server mode like JMS (Java Message Service) [15, 17] or in distributed Peer-to-Peer mode like JXTA [5,16]; it can be used in real-time synchronous collaborations like our collaborative PowerPoint applications; it has replaced the JMS in the Anabas system of our implementation handling all collaboration modes.