JYACCJust Your Average Computer Company
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For the first time the open source community has access to a Linux-based application development environment, which supports full-scale enterprise computing," said Karen Sobel Lojeski, COO and Executive VP of Strategic Planning for JYACC.
We are pleased to be working with the JYACC team on possl.
JYACC is an international enterprise software and solutions company based in New York City.
JYACC was traditionally known as an innovative technology leader, but lacked the marketing prowess to be a market leader," according to JYACC Chairman Bob Ismach.
JYACC released its first product, JAM, in 1985 when it realized that the commercially available tools were not capable of building high-end transactional systems.
Based upon our success with Quadris, we have every expectation that Prolifics will be a tremendous success," said JYACC Chairman, Bob Ismach.
New York City-based Prolifics, a JYACC company, provides professional software development tools and services to build transactional systems for the enterprise.
JYACC has been a long-term partner and customer of Segue's, and we look forward to continuing our joint effort to enable the rapid deployment of reliable Internet and Intranet applications.
Michael Willner, vice president, software quality and support for JYACC, said, "JAM and JAM/WEB are very flexible cross-platform development tools that require equally flexible test tools.
According to JYACC chief technology officer Frank Vafier, "JAM/WEB 2.
Despite attempts to tack on Internet functionality, client-centric tools like PowerBuilder and Visual Basic are completely unsuited to building robust and transactional Internet/Intranet database applications," added Frank Vafier, JYACC Chief Technologist and co-founder.
Founded in 1978 as a software consulting firm, JYACC first shipped JAM in 1985.