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In the same move, the company also announced the restructuring of its Board of Directors, which now includes former CEO of Porsche Automobiles AG and now management consultant, Peter Schutz, along with the founders of JYACC, Bob Ismach and Frank Vafier, and one seat held by GTECH.
Prolifics, XMLink, and XMLink Universal Gateway are trademarks or registered trademarks of JYACC, Inc.
Prolifics and Visual Server Development are trademarks of JYACC, Inc.
For the first time the open source community has access to a Linux-based application development environment, which supports full-scale enterprise computing," said Karen Sobel Lojeski, COO and Executive VP of Strategic Planning for JYACC.
Guideworks LLC, JYACC, Lotus, Mac Tech Magazine, Main Event, Mind Vision Software, Motorola, Novell, Oracle, Pictorius, Powersoft, Radius, Release Software, SAS Institute, Scientific Placement, Symantec, Tenon Intersytems, and other leading developer product vendors.
Prior to founding Quadris Consulting, Krakauer was president of JYACC, Inc.
Web testing tool, and developed a business partnership with JYACC JAM/WEB(tm) tools to test web applications developed using JAM/WEB development tools.
The creation of Prolifics completes the process that started at the beginning of the year when JYACC spun-off its Massachusetts-based professional services and technical consulting company, Quadris Consulting.
EveryWare Development Corporation, Forte, JYACC, Main Event, Maxum Development, Metrowerks, Inc.
Prolifics, a JYACC company, today announced a new licensing agreement with BEA Systems, Inc.
allowing JYACC customers to seamlessly test JAM and JAMWEB applications with Segues's QualityWorks line of distributed software quality testing tools.
OpenTRADEMARK software is being architected using the SYBASE relational database and the JYACC Application Manager.