Jab1Jun activating binding protein
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And the strains from citrus (9a5c, 11779, 38868, Jab20, Jab26, 11348, U12, B16, 12288 and 11037) and coffee (C6, Jab1, Jab2 and Jab14) formed the Group C with a similarity of 86%.
fastidiosa that formed the Group 1 belongs to citrus-coffee (citrus strains 9a5c, 11779, 38868, Jab20, Jab26, 11348, U12, B16, 11037, 12288, and coffee strains Jab14, Jab2, Jab1 and C6), strains that form Group 2 belongs to plum-elm (plum strains 9746, 6747 and elm 6748)) and strains from group 3 belongs to grape-temecula-mulberry (grape strains 9713, 9715, 8935, mulberry 6745 and temecula).
kip1] stability by inhibiting JAB1," Cancer Research, vol.