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At the appointed time our business committee reported, and said all things were in readdress--that we were to start to-day, with horses, pack animals, and tents, and go to Baalbec, Damascus, the Sea of Tiberias, and thence southward by the way of the scene of Jacob's Dream and other notable Bible localities to Jerusalem--from thence probably to the Dead Sea, but possibly not--and then strike for the ocean and rejoin the ship three or four weeks hence at Joppa; terms, five dollars a day apiece, in gold, and every thing to be furnished by the dragoman.
Dr Bader notes that when he was imprisoned in an internment camp at Fort Lennox after his arrival in Canada in 1940, he thought often of the subject of Jacob's dream.
Going Up and Going Down: A Key to Interpreting Jacob's Dream (Genesis 28:10-22)
Jacob's Dream" is an unusual, creative interpretation of the Bible verse in Genesis 28:12, about Jacob's dream of a ladder ascending to heaven, with the angels of God ascending and descending on it.
1902-1906 on Mt Sinai inhabits the same blue field as the larger work opposite, Augustus Lunn's Jacob's Dream, 1944).
The composer describes the music in his Notes: "The song is at once a slow motion ride on a cosmic horse, a homage to Couperin's melismas in his Lessons of Tenebrae, velvet bells coming from three different churches, heaven as seen once by Yeats, a death lullaby, and the ladder of Jacob's dream.
A visitor's journey begins at the original wooden main door, which is now clapped tight to a modern door that was carved with figures representing Jacob's dream of a stairway to heaven.
Hendel then applies the theory of cultural memory to Jacob's dream and journey to Mesopotamia, insightfully revealing the crucial role of Bethel in Israel's collective memory and self-construction, the ways in which the differences in the pentateuchal sources create supplementary and even counter-memories, the mnemohistory that connected the ancestral Mesopotamian homeland of Haran with the contemporary Aramean enemy/kin, and the role of forgetting, especially of pre-Yahwistic religion, in the construction of Israelite identity.
Next to these three missing pictures, Salvator's most accomplished painting of this period in the exhibition was, in my view, Jacob's Dream (Chatsworth House; c.
But the next Shabbat, studying by myself (my son had to stay at his base that weekend) I ran into a well-known midrash on Jacob's dream of the ladder.
In construing Jacob's dream about the stairway to heaven, Gerrits asked a local shepherd to lie down as if he was sleeping in order to paint the dream scene.