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Jai is by Sam And when Jane lets slip that Ben had already spent time in prison before going on to kill poor Hev, Kathy starts to wonder too.
But Jai has pushed the Yorkshire Dales' equivalent of Forrest Gump too far - and when they get into an angry fight, Sam smashes a doorstop on the businessman's head, knocking him out cold.
month, Jai made an allegation of being "inappropriately touched" by a half-sibling, but police found "no forensic or corroborative evidence".
Despite ordering Leyla to leave, the pair are soon entwined in a steamy kiss - Jai always did have utterly pathetic powers of resistance.
Aside from his rumoured role as Deadshot in "Suicide Squad," Jai Courtney is set to appear in a number of high-profile titles.
Jai s throws a punch at Rakesh it's David who feels the brunt of it
Multimedia Coalescence, presented by Jai & Jai, offers the chance to see Lino Martinez's original art pieces.
That the Delhi Jantar Mantar, like the later Jantar Mantars, was conceived by Sawai Jai Singh and his advisors--and built during the reign of the Mughal emperor Muhammad Shah "Rangila" (the great-grandson of Aurangzeb, who in turn was Akbar's great-grandson)--is stated explicitly in the preface to a set of new astronomical tables compiled sometime between 1728 and 1732.
House of Jai will offer a variety of yoga classes including several that will be customized for children and teens.
EMMERDALE After making it home in one piece, Jai struggles to take in the news, especially after Declan announces he no longer wants Mia in his life and is packing her off to Ireland.
Best bar none: Revellers at the Plough cheer on Jai Teen dream: Jai sang karaoke from age 14
SHOCK BGT winner Jai McDowall once auditioned for a boyband run by former Bros star Matt Goss.