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JAMESJava Apache Mail Enterprise Server
JAMESJapan Association for Middle East Studies (Tokyo, Japan)
JAMESJack Auchterlonie Memorial Equine Sanctuary (California)
JAMESJournal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems (Fort Collins, CO)
JAMESJoint Automated Message Editing System
JAMESJoint Area Museum Education Service (UK)
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John does all he can to please her, and James does all he can, and our master never uses a whip if a horse acts right; so I think she might be good-tempered here.
Nobody thought of Hannah till you mentioned her James is so obliged to you
In Witness whereof we have hereunto subscribed our names at Cape Cod the eleventh of November, in the Raigne of our Sovereigne Lord, King James of England, France, and Ireland, the eighteenth, and of Scotland, the fiftie-fourth, Anno.
Well, while these things were going on in America, King James had so misgoverned the people of England that they sent over to Holland for the Prince of Orange.
Sir James did make proposals to me for Frederica; but Frederica, who was born to be the torment of my life, chose to set herself so violently against the match that I thought it better to lay aside the scheme for the present.
Let us review the matter calmly and judicially, not condemning James off-hand, but rather probing the whole affair to its core, to see if we can confirm my view that it is possible to find excuses for him.
But when Catherine saw her in public, admitting Captain Tilney's attentions as readily as they were offered, and allowing him almost an equal share with James in her notice and smiles, the alteration became too positive to be passed over.
Brooke, over the soup, in his easy smiling way, taking up Sir James Chettam's remark that he was studying Davy's Agricultural Chemistry.
Sir James is one of the commissioners for the Northern Lights.
Wren was in an open carriage with his son James, a lad of thirteen.
In a lonely Highland village more than a hundred and fifty years ago there lived a little boy called James Macpherson.
On the highest, rear seat was James Williams, of Cloverdale, Missouri, and his Bride.