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What became of that Jane Austen (if she ever existed) who set out bravely to correct conventional notions of the desirable and virtuous?
Hugh Dancy, Emily Blunt, Maria Bello, Amy Brenneman and Kathy Baker are the disparate members of "The Jane Austen Book Club.
Although he sees Henry Tilney as a "master ironist;' like Jane Austen, he seems to miss the humour in Henry's analogy between dancing and marriage.
Of Jane Austen and the Enlightenment's nine chapters, six are devoted to the finished novels and a seventh to the unfinished Sanditon.
Jane Austen on Screen, a book designed for academics and Janeites rather than the general public, suffers from the weaknesses inevitable in trying to do justice to film, feminism, and literature all at the same time.
In 1802 Jane Austen went to Dawlish which later became the honeymoon destination of Lucy Steele and Robert Ferrars when she wrote Sense and Sensibility.
Reviewing the published material and searching record offices and archives for diaries, letters, poems, legal documents, bank ledgers, even burial registers, Tomalin emerges with copious material and uses it to draw an engrossing portrait of the world Jane Austen inhabited.
Jane Austen has too often been seen as a freak talent, a lone genius flowering in philistine surroundings.
What about the Gold Card, PowerBook, power-suit combo that will, we hear, take you at least up to the glass ceiling--not quite equality, but a lot further from the village gates than Jane Austen ever dreamed of getting?
There is no obvious connection between the young Lord Howard de Walden and either the royal family (though as an Eton pupil he could have been a page to a member of the Household) or Jane Austen (the mention of his father, Charles Rose Ellis, in Jane's letter of 20 May 1813 did not suggest acquaintance with the family(10)); on both these counts Richard, Lord Effingham, has much stronger credentials, as Janice Kirkland shows.
It is evident from this that Jane Austen intended her books to be clear reflections of the society she lived in--mirrors that were neither distorting nor tinted with grey or rosy shades--rather than subversive timebombs so heavily disguised as to pass unrecognized by any of her contemporary reviewers or readers.