JATEJack and Kate (TV show Lost)
JATEJózsef Attila Tudományegyetem (Szeged, Hungary)
JATEJournal of Adult Theological Education (Equinox Publishing, Ltd.)
JATEJoint Air Transport Establishment (UK)
JATEJapan Approvals Institute for Telecommunications Terminal Equipment
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The development and release of JATE certified Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) is part of our on-going commitment to assist DSL Service Providers in the large-scale deployment of broadband access networks in Japan," said Mr.
Undergoing JATE certification testing shows our continuing commitment to the Japanese marketplace," continued Jones.
She became the third wife of Ato Jate Malegu who kidnapped her and forced her to marry him.
Khud to chale jate hain, m reh jati hai", said choked Kaushala Devi, who held her society responsible for the growing menace of liquor consumption.
Andrew Shaw 5 0 11, Tyler McFarland 3 3 10, Alex Furness 1 6 8, JP Koury 3 1 8, Jasper Grassa 3 3 11, Shaq Phelps 5 2 13, Keegan Hyland 6 1 15, Jate Cheshul 1 0 3, Alex Mancini 1 0 2, DJ Guillette 1 0 2, Ferguson Duke 1 0 2, Kevin Carpenter 1 0 3, Matt Barr 0 1 1.
Khazane sapnon ke basis pe nahin khode jate ( treasures are not unearthed on the basis of one's dreams)," he said.
On Thursday, Rural Works and Panchayati Raj Minister Bhim Singh had remarked, "Sena aur police me log marne hi jate hain (People join the army and the police force only to die).
City spokesman Jate Sopitpongstorn said on Saturday that workers had finished building a massive flood wall in hopes of diverting some of the mass of water still piled up in northern Bangkok.
Jate Sopitpongstorn, a spokesman for the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) said they were unable to help everyone "because they refused to leave their houses to stay in our shelters".
L'eau du fleuve est tres haute", a insiste une porte-parole, Jate Sopitpongsthorn.
The advent of open regionalism, which flowed from changes to the international political economy of trade and the reconciliation between newly democratizing governments in Brasilia and Buenos Aires in the Jate 1980s, resulted in the formation of Mercosur.
Lord Nelson volunteers Jate Perry and Rob McDonald with voyage crew Drew Radcliffe and Joy Whitlock in Cardiff Bay