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JAVA[not an acronym] A general purpose, high-level, object-oriented, cross-platform programming language developed by Sun Microsystems
JAVAJapan Anti-Vivisection Association
JAVAJapanese American Veterans' Association
JAVAJamaica Association of Villas and Apartments
JAVAJust Another Virtual Architecture
JAVAJapanese Vexillological Association
JAVAJamming Amplitude Versus Azimuth
JAVAJachtvliegtuig Afdeeling (Dutch: Hunting Aircraft Division)
JAVAJewish Artists of the Valley Association (Scottsdale, AZ)
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Now, as many Sperm Whales had been captured off the western coast of Java, in the near vicinity of the straits of Sunda; indeed, as most of the ground, roundabout, was generally recognised by the fishermen as an excellent spot for cruising; therefore, as the Pequod gained more and more upon Java Head, the look-outs were repeatedly hailed, and admonished to keep wide awake.
The natives belong to different islands in the East Indian archipelago, but all speak the same language: we saw the inhabitants of Borneo, Celebes, Java, and Sumatra.
There would be the Java coast within two or three miles, off Angier Point.
We have had a slow passage through the Java Sea; drifted about Carimata for ten days.
InfoTek Wireless selected aJile's JNIB(TM) Java technology M2M edge controller as a re-programmable data collection and aggregation module that is connected through Cingular's 3G ALLOVER(TM) EDGE network to Java-based enterprise software for traffic monitoring and control.
Java technology delivers many benefits to its users including: write-once run anywhere portability, ease of use and security.
SavaJe offers an innovative multitasking mobile handset Java environment for applications developers.
Java was originally envisioned as a technology for creating applications to run in the most limited of environments; famously the aim was to get Java running on a toaster
Using Mpowerplayer(TM), mobile gamers and casual mobile users can try exciting mobile Java applications on Sun Microsystems' wildly popular consumer Web site, Java.
The latest in PrismTech's range of high quality, highly optimized Object Request Brokers (ORBs), OpenFusion RT for Java brings distributed real-time CORBA(R) middleware to the real-time Java world.
JRTK, a hard real-time mission-critical subset of the Real-Time Specification for Java (RTSJ) as defined by the Java Community Process, includes many efficiencies over standard Java offerings.
the leading provider of automated solutions for understanding and perfecting software, today announced a new version of its static analysis tools that dramatically extends support for Java across the entire product suite.