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JDAMSJoint Direct Attack Munitions System
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By August of this year, the company expects to be producing JDAMs at a rate of 2,800 per month, requiring it to expand its production facility in Sr.
Bill McMasters said that fleet F-14s dropping the first JDAMs "ushers in a through-the-weather bombing capability.
If a target area is obscured a JDAM can hit that target," said Maj.
A Navy F-14 pilot in the area bad 2,000-pound JDAM bombs but the controller did nor have the specialized laser binoculars to get target coordinates needed for the JDAM's GPS guidance system.
This historic drop clearly demonstrates the incredible capability of the MK-82 JDAM," said Mike Marks, vice president and general manager of Air Force fighter, bomber and weapons programs, for Boeing.
An imaging infrared seeker that can improve the accuracy of the JDAM satellite-guided munitions by more than 200 percent has been tested successfully and is ready for production, said program officials.
Although they will not be the first in theater to drop the newest JDAM in the U.
It was originally planned that around 87,500 Jdams would be purchased by the US Air Force and US Navy, but numbers up to 250,000 are now being discussed, with perhaps 50,000 for the international market.
Interestingly, space systems and capabilities created the opportunity for this to happen--and John and I could see it coming with the systems we employ today: JDAMs (joint direct attack munitions), GPS (global positioning system), satellite comms, reach-back and wide-area ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance).
A B-2 bomber released 16 of the lightweight JDAMs, designated MK-82 500- pound JDAM or GBU-38 by the Air Force, from four smart bomb racks in the bomb bay of the aircraft.