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JELJournal of Economic Literature
JELJournal of Environmental Law (legal publication)
JELJust Eliminate Lies (anti-tobacco company organization)
JELJoint Electronic Library
JELJournées d'Études Linguistiques de Nantes (Nantes Conference in Linguistics)
JELJust Enough to Lose (Bush's Iraq escalation plan)
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Jel is short for jealous and WTAF is "What the actual f***" posed as a questioning exclamation.
In the course of seeking a more accurate count of the doctoral graduates of economics departments, this paper identifies some general economics PhD programs that have been misclassified by IPEDS as business/managerial economics programs, explains why some graduates of interdisciplinary programs and business schools mark "economics" on the SED survey as their primary field of graduate study, and identifies the economics departments with the largest deficits in dissertation listings submitted to the JEL.
Jel "Discover yourself by journeying within or going off-the-grid.
Jel Sert is immediately taking over responsibilities for sales and distribution of the three brands.
Wirral FA Amateur Cup third round: Archers Utd 2 Rose & Crown 3, JEL Electrical 2 Lions FC 3, Liscard Bronze 1 Wellington 0.
This gave Jel a central point of contact for all project decisions, avoiding unnecessary delays when management and other co-op decisionmakers were unavailable.
Details of the proposed research project (including title, participants, timetables, specific aims, research design, proposed dissemination of results, proposed budget and JEL classification number).
JEL classification: B23, C50, C51, C52, C53, E21, E31, E37.
The Jel Sert Company initially installed 12 CleanTech[R] Automated Handwashing Systems to assist with employee hygiene and as part of their environmentally conscience efforts to develop sustainable practices and conserve water.
Partners with Jel Sert to Bring New Freezer Bar Treat to Major Retailers Nationwide in Two Classic Baskin-Robbins Flavors - Rainbow Sherbet and Rock 'N Pop Swirl
In their judgment the Appeal Court Judges said of the new evidence: "It goes to whether the rent that Mr Timms was paying for the land belonged beneficially to Mr Sartori, which he then lent successively to JEL and to Broomco, or whether, as was Balevents' case, the rent belonged beneficially, and successively, to JEL and to Broomco.
Bol said he was part of the delegation led by Aweil South County commissioner, Jel Mangok Jel, which paid a solidarity visit to positions held by the Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) inside areas part of the republic of South Sudan along the border with neigbouring Sudan.