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JITAJust in Time Activation
JITAJapan Industrial Technology Association (est. 1969)
JITAJesus Is The Answer
JITAJournal of Information Technology and Applications (Taiwan)
JITAJust-in-Time Accounting
JITAInformation science classification schema developed by (J)ose Manuel Barrueco Cruz, (I)mma Subirats Coll, (T)homas Krichel and (A)ntonella De Robbio
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This "womanish" behavior is, according to Tuzyline Jita Allan, "a gesture of defiance with which the black woman-child responds to the unequal distribution of power in society" (Allan, 1995:10).
All "Theme-Source/Goal strategy"-only verbs of transfer in Jalonke fala be 'tell, speak to, say to' fii ma 'give to' jaabaa be 'explain to/for' jita ra 'show to' luxun ma 'hide from' ma-tii x[?
With the first difficulty, the cost of closing more frequently can be mitigated by adopting JITA practices and by moving toward a more integrated and efficient Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.
There's the added cost to close the books more frequently, but you can mitigate this if you adopt JITA practices and move toward a more integrated and efficient ERP system.
C Road At Saktinagar Approch Road, Sampatbhai To Bahucharmata Mandir To Vaghrivas, Boundry Wall At Rohit Nagar, Odvado, Jita Patel No Madh, Gayaja No Madh, Bhojak Sheri & Providing And Laying Block At Samarpan Chawk To Dhobighat Area @ Mehsana (Package-9)
Then I forced Mansoor Khan to keep me as assistance, I literally hounded him and I had to thank Saroj ji because she didn't turn up on the shoot of Jo Jita Wohi Sikandar.
by Chikwenye Okonjo Ogunyemi and Tuzyline Jita Allan.
Tenders are invited for construction of rcc bridge over jita dhar in nepal border to kunoli bazar path .
Tuzyline Jita Allan (171) amongst Ama's many critics of Changes has the view that 'Aidoo and other African women artists bear the prodigious responsibility of holding in check the structures of gender and cultural domination.
Mera yahan union minister ho kar upastith jita jagta sabut hai ki yeh rajya Bharat ka abhinna ang hai (My presence here as union minister is a living testimony that this state is an indivisible part of India," quipped Union Minister of State for Minority Affairs Ninong Ering, who represents the Arunachal Pradesh Eastern parliamentary constituency.
Her rendition of Pehla Nasha , the anthem of first- time lovers from Jo Jita Wohi Sikander ; the dulcet yet seductive Chupke Se and Naina Milaike , both from Saathiya and Neele Neele Ambar Par from Kalakaar , originally sung by Kishore Kumar, had everyone in the crowd joining her.
Different classification schemes including DDC, LC Classification, JITA and a number of classification schemes prepared by individuals for their studies were considered for subject categorization of the articles.