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JMOLJudgment as a Matter of Law
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Next, the Eleventh Circuit rejected Allstate's argument that it was entitled to JMOL because it could not have accepted Madrigal's demand given that it had not expressly released Ms.
So Bannister's inadequate-investigation theory of bad faith is without merit, and JMOL in favor of State Farm was appropriate.
On appeal, the panel court reversed the district court's JMOL as to the '288 patent's validity.
LEGAL COMMENTARY: None of the hospital's arguments altered the courts conclusion that the evidence presented by the plaintiff was sufficient to allow the jury to find the element of causation and consequently, that the court properly denied the hospitals Motions for JMOL.
Before the court submitted the case to the jury, ConAgra filed a Rule 50(a) motion for JMOL based on legal insufficiency of the evidence, but the court denied the motion.
In the September 15 order, the court denied the defendants' motion for JMOL in their favor on infringement of United States Patent 5,004,681 ("the '681 patent"), but granted defendants' motion in the alternative for a new trial on that issue.
Memorandum Opinion and Order denying Apple's post-trial JMOLs (except for JMOL on willfulness), entered on December 3, 2009.
Although the Federal Circuit sided with Uniloc in reversing the district court's JMOL on the issue of infringement, it agreed with Microsoft's assessment of the damages as excessive and, in addition to throwing out the 25 percent rule of thumb used to calculate the damages, it excluded expert testimony that "checked" the suggested damages using the "entire market value rule.
History Estoppel; SJ = Summary Judgment; JMOL = Judgment as a
The trial court denied the hospital's motions for summary judgment and JMOL on the basis that Mrs.
The other 202 were either settled during trial, or the court ruled on directed verdict or JMOL prior to resolution by the factfinder.
On April 11, 2003, the Court denied all of the Motions filed by Broadcom for JMOL (Judgment as a Matter of Law).