JNFJewish National Fund
JNFJisedai No Fansub (Spanish anime fansub group)
JNFJoods Nationaal Fonds (Dutch: Jewish National Fund)
JNFJunior Non Fiction (library)
JNFJain Networking Forum (religious network)
JNFJesus Never Fails Enterprises (Baltimore, MD)
JNFJuvenile Nasopharyngeal Fibroma
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The JNF sees it differently, saying that the fundamental problem isn't trees but Bedouin poverty.
Our objection was not to the Jewish Society, but purely its support for the sham charities the JNF and the Friends of IDF.
9) The JNF practice was recently challenged in court; Israel's High Court ruled in favor of the Israeli Palestinians plaintiffs, but the practice of selling State lands only to Jews continues.
Alon Badihi, an executive director of JNF, was subsequently quoted by The Jerusalem Post as saying: "The JNF was mandated by the Israeli government as the national forest service for the Land of Israel.
And for generations, the JNF forests have been an integral part of Israel's nation building.
According to this agreement, which enables some privatization of land as part of the reform, the JNF will transfer to the State its ownership of lands in the central region in exchange for available and undeveloped lands in the Negev and Galilee regions.
However, it was agreed that "the lands controlled by the ILA shall be administered according to the principles of the JNF," and its declared goal of "purchasing and developing land as a national resource of the Jewish people, by the Jewish people, and for the Jewish people.
The JNF was specifically prohibited from leasing land to the Arabs.
Only Jews can buy, own or lease land from the JNF, a right, which is denied to the Palestinians who are also citizens of Israel (Davis, 1987).
It's a really great opportunity for young people to get involved with our organization and with our cause, which is and has always been for the State of Israel," said Wenger, executive director of marketing and communications for JNF.
JNF determined that it would take some time to figure out what caused this glitch.
The JNF also controls land owned by Palestinians before they fled or were driven from their homes when Israel was founded.