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JOANJournal Officiel Assemblée Nationale (French: Official Journal of the National Assembly)
JOANJob Order Account Number
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Joan Durbeyfield, as she spoke, curved a sodden thumb and forefinger to the shape of the letter C, and used the other forefinger as a pointer, "'At the present moment,' he says to your father, 'your heart is enclosed all round there, and all round there; this space is still open,' 'a says.
And take the COMPLEAT FORTUNE-TELLER to the outhouse," Joan continued, rapidly wiping her hands, and donning the garments.
I don't think that for a moment," Joan replied quickly, repenting of her annoyance.
A threat was contained in this sentence, and Joan knew, without asking, what the threat was.
My dear Joan," Ralph exclaimed, stretching himself out with a gesture of impatience, "don't you see that we've all got to be sacrificed?
He began to wish to tell her about the Hilberys in order to abuse them, for in the miniature battle which so often rages between two quickly following impressions of life, the life of the Hilberys was getting the better of the life of the Denhams in his mind, and he wanted to assure himself that there was some quality in which Joan infinitely surpassed Miss Hilbery.
He was escorted to an apartment where Mary de Stutevill and Joan de Tany were waiting to receive him.
Are all your old friends and neighbors come after you to Essex," cried Joan de Tany, laughingly, addressing Mary.
You could not well be blamed," said Joan de Tany, generously.
The first was Joan Stacey, the sister of the dead woman--evidently she had been upstairs in the temporary temple of Apollo; the second was the priest of Apollo himself, his litany finished, sweeping down the empty stairs in utter magnificence--something in his white robes, beard and parted hair had the look of Dore's Christ leaving the Pretorium; the third was Flambeau, black browed and somewhat bewildered.
Miss Joan Stacey, dark, with a drawn face and hair prematurely touched with grey, walked straight to her own desk and set out her papers with a practical flap.
He spoke with the brain-shaking authority of an orator, and Flambeau and Joan Stacey stared at him in amazed admiration.