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JODJoint Occupancy Date
JODJunior Officer of the Day
JODJudgement of Divorce (legal shorthand)
JODJack of Diamonds (hearts game where the jack is a bonus)
JODJoint Operations Division (US DoD)
JODJuvenile-Onset Diabetes
JODJordanian Dinar
JODJournal Of Development
JODJournal of Democracy (Washington, DC)
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In fourth place, but somewhat behind the first three, was Hareon Swiss Holding with a bid of JOD 5.
Its latest bonds auction, on 24 July for JOD 50 million, was oversubscribed to the tune of JOD 119 million.
To date, the institution has engaged the equivalent of over JOD 1.
The JOD concept as outlined by the Chairman is not a complete solution.
amounted to JOD two million donated by Jordanian Royal Family in efforts to
00pm Brooks and when the bo year-old Jod in a skip.
In its beginning, the Chicano Law Review wasn't officially recognized at UCLA, says co-editor Jod Marrero.
JOD activities were jointly funded and managed by the Office on Violence Against Women and the National Institute of Justice (NIJ).
15) The JOD articulates four interdependent supporting pillars: "Joint Individual Training," "Joint Professional Military Education," "Joint Experience," and "Self-Development.
Raj Kanwar, Kalvinderjit Singh Nahal, George Gill, Upinder Pokhriyal; Hardev Pall, Niti Pall, Dr Satinder Taunque, Pav Taunque; Lisa Rehman, Arfan Rehman, Amjad Mahmood, Sabir Mahmood; Sandip Mahey, Sukhdev Parkash, Harman Dhillon, Jod Gill; Louise Carey, Kuldeep Bajwa, Reena Dosanjh, Amandeep Bajwa'; Models from the fashion show
D10, Clematis D3, influencium (Nosode) D30, Calium jod.
Overall winners for Teletubbie Land were the 10th St Marks Rainbows (left to right) Julie Brown as Tinky Winky and Cynthia Cooper as LaLa and (below left to right) Jod.