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JOIJewish Outreach Institute
JOIJoint Oceanographic Institutions, Inc.
JOIJournal of Immunology
JOIJoinville, Santa Catarina, Brazil - Federal (Airport Code)
JOIJoehnk Interior (Design)
JOIJustification Of Investment
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And the honest drover, in his warmth, endorsed this moral sentiment by firing a perfect feu de joi at the fireplace.
With the likes of Joi Ito and Rory Sutherland on board already, it's shaping up to be another excellent event.
CONTACT: Joslyn Crowe, JOI Director of Development, +1-917-777-0667
Omnipresent (at least on the interwebs) entrepreneur and early stage investor Joi Ito announced that his company Digital Garage would be bringing Web 2.
They are being marketed by London-based fashion company JOI, with a percentage of profits going to RAF museums.
Sheppard credits much of her success to the empowering influence of CEO Joi Gordon and the DFS organization, which has helped more than 350,000 women around the globe get on the road to self-sufficiency.
Inspired by the breakout of the likes of Asian Dub Foundation, Transglobal Underground, Talvin Singh and Joi, it's always a night to get you jigging.
She studied music in India and shot to fame on her return to England in 1997 after singing with Joi, part of the Asian Underground movement.
Wilson, an educator and poet, read a series of poems and sang gospel spirituals at a recent reception for an exhibit featuring the paintings and drawings of her children, Joi and Terry Wilson.
People are ensured that they will keep their important contacts and records in tact," said Joi Founder and CEO Joe Egosi.
Health centres have been closed in Shahr-i-Safa, Mezan, Dai Chopan, Shah Joi, and Shamalzai districts due to disagreements between the insurgents and security officials.