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JORJordan (ISO Country code)
JORJournal of Orthoptera Research
JORJob Order Request
JORJoint Operational Requirement
JORJob Operations Report
JORJacobian Overrelaxation Iterative Method
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When I saw the garbage situation I started saying in my head, 'Enough is enough of this garbage,'" Jor told Al Bawaba.
Secondly, with the support of all involved, during my tenure as editor-in-chief, I will strive to attain ISI rating for JOR by focusing on publication of consistent, high quality research on a regular schedule.
I am pleased to present this edition of JOR to you.
In terms of apartment sales prices, Abdoun saw a 13 per cent jump during Q1 2014, where the price per square metre for sought after properties rose to 1,325 JOR per square metre.
The convertible debt round, led by the company's founders and board director Jor Law, included investments from Veracity, HauteSpot Networks, Kenneth Lu MD and a group of angel investors from various industries.
Powerful, unflinching, and eminently readable, Poisoned jor Profit is a wake-up call that is bound to inspire talk and force change.
En la ultima columna se presenta la ubicacion de la cita donde se ha usado determinado termino nominativo y su frecuencia, por ejemplo, Jor 1(15), indica que en el primer articulo del periodico dicho termino fue empleado quince veces.
As US President Barack Obama embarks on a path of ma jor health reform in the United States, he has admitted a strong 'bias towards nurses'.
Swede Maria H jor th and France's Gwladys Nocera were two down with three to play against Sherri Steinhauer and Laura Diaz, but then Diaz went into the water on the short 16th and at the 395-yard last the Americans threeput ted.
If you've already fired blanks through the short barrel check the inner rail jor cracks.
Bowler Jor Ortag competes in the pro division of the Celebrity Pro-Am fund-raiser at AMF Rocket Lanes in Chatsworth.
As this careful analysis suggests, a ma jor contribution of Perdue's book is her ability to ground her discussion of Cherokee gender roles in the belief system, matrilineal kinship system, and everyday lives of the Cherokees.