JROTCJunior Reserve Officer Training Corps
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To meet these expansion goals, Jo Alice Talley, chief of instructor management, said Air Force JROTC is going to need a total of 398 officers and NCOs to teach in the new units.
With the board requesting Hart administrators to grow JROTC, funding has become the key issue.
When my JROTC group heard about it, they offered to help, too.
JROTC excludes Reservists because they do not have the necessary 20 years of active service.
Now in its 121st year, and with a current enrollment of 687 students in grades 7-12, Saint Thomas Academy is the only Catholic, college preparatory, all-male, JROTC school in Minnesota.
Caption: JROTC cadets in Georgia construct and cross a rope bridge during a competition.
The students were all handpicked by Highland's JROTC co-director, Tech.
As a condition for receiving the DOD grant, the academy had incorporated the school's junior ROTC program into its structure (although students can join JROTC without being in the academy).
Rackspace now manages nearly 20,000 servers in its data centers and signed hundreds of new customers in the first quarter of 2006, including organizations such as Roto-Rooter, the Chicago Convention and Tourism Bureau, Navy JROTC, University of California Press and Tvext(TM)/Broadband Television Network Corporation.
His military bearing and mindset had already been well established, as he had been a cadet in four different youth programs while in high school, including an Air Force JROTC unit, two Marine Corps JROTC units, and the Civil Air Patrol, but, as he says,
In 2002, Army JROTC classmates from Huguenot High School in Richmond, Va.