JSPOCJoint Space Operations Center (US DoD)
JSPOCJoint Senior Psychological Operations Course (US DoD)
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The second objective called for determining the feasibility and quality of performing an orbit determination and differential correction of the observed RSOs by using the most recent published orbit estimations in two-line element (TLE) set format from the JSpOC.
5) Therefore, the CAOC acts as a clearinghouse for theater integration, deconfliction, and synchronization of air and space capabilities and is supported by the JSpOC.
The JSpOC and the 547th should have ISR for space Airmen assigned to create realistic threat scenarios that challenge the combat capabilities space provides to the joint war fighter.
That was when the concept of a JSpOC of the future, as Weeden called it, came about.
The JSpOC has the best orbital tracking network in the world with a catalog of more than 21,000 resident space objects greater than 10 cm in size.
FreeFlyer will support the JSpOC Mission System (JMS) program to provide Space Situational Awareness (SSA) capabilities.
We already have coalition partners working in the JSPOC, the Joint Space Operation Center.
The JSpOC provides day-to-day operational command of joint space forces by issuing daily and weekly space tasking orders to space units, which mirror the air tasking orders produced by an air operations center.
In 2007, SPADOC moved to the Joint Space Operations Center, or JSpOC, at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.
And the JSpOC Mission System will give us a much better capability to be proactive versus reactive in Space.
The JSpOC controls all DoD space operations, ensuring safe operations and awareness of space activity.
And it's our ability to fuse and integrate all this data that would really make the operators in the JSpOC happy with their ability to keep track of the entire picture of what's going on in space.