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The JSS portal is operational and the information uploaded by the JSSs is verified from the approved Action Plan.
The BSB also procured water and fuel bags to help build up storage capacities at the COPs and JSSs to reduce the frequency of logistics convoys to those sites.
The base life sustainment of the COPs and JSSs was an organized effort by the BCT's force protection cell (brigade engineers), S-4, and BSB (primarily for transportation support).
A JSS includes co-located units from coalition forces, the Iraqi police, and the Iraqi Army.
The FSC's task was to travel to FOBs and JSSs that were identified as having little to no generator power, make an initial assessment, and perform any necessary repairs.
The Army Captain leading the JSS in the city started bringing local community leaders together regularly, helping them to articulate and prioritize their concerns.
The Baghdad security plan initially started off with 30 total JSSs and COPs in the Multi-National Division--Baghdad AOR.