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Most common site of cervical lymphadenopathy as observed in the present study was jugulodigastric group of lymph node (46%).
Location of Palpable Lymph Nodes Location Benign Malignant No % No % Jugulodigastric 18 51.
The most common group of lymph nodes affected in our study was that of the upper deep jugular and jugulodigastric lymph nodes followed by posterior triangle group.
Jugulodigastric node was most commonly affected and found in 15 cases (15%).
A superficial parotidectomy was performed along with removal of several adjacent superior jugulodigastric lymph nodes.
Associated clinical findings in chronic tonsillitis were hyperemia of anterior tonsillar pillars, bilaterally enlarged jugulodigastric lymph nodes with bilaterally enlarged tonsils.
The tonsils were enlarged, and small jugulodigastric lymph nodes were palpable.
6 Table 9: Distribution of patients according to Enlargement of Jugulodigastric node Enlarge node Number percentage Gp 1 2 20 Gp 2 3 30 Gp 3 2 20 Gp 4 3 30 Gp 5 1 10 Gp 6 2 20 All patients 13 21.
The jugulodigastric lymph node is located in the same area as a typical second branchial cleft cyst.
The jugulodigastric group of lymph nodes was the commonly enlarged group of lymph nodes in our study.
Sonography can usually make this distinction, although this can be difficult in the jugulodigastric region.
23] These authors also felt that in the jugulodigastric regi on, it can be difficult, even with sonography, to determine the exact origin of a mass because sonography cannot demonstrate the entire salivary gland capsule.