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JURJournal of Undergraduate Research
JURJuristisch (German: legal)
JURJournal Use Reports (Thomson Reuters)
JURCollectie Jurisprudentieverzamelingen
JURJoint Uptake Ratio
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Imagine coating a textile fabric so that each fiber has the same nanoscale-thick coating that is thousands of times thinner than a human hair - that's what atomic layer deposition is capable of doing," Jur said.
8) See 41 Am Jur 2d, Husband and Wife (Lawyers Coop.
Hypertext links connect the disc infobases and allow users to jump between the text and cited full-text articles contained on the disc from sources like Am Jur Proof of Facts, Am Jur Trials, Am Jur Pleading & Practice Forms, and ALR Annotations.
Johnson choreographs performances for the children's workshop and his own company at the national landmark Harry De Jur Playhouse, former home of Alwin Nikolais and Murray Louis, and one of three theaters in the settlement's Abrons Arts Center.
When you look at a side-by-side test, the biggest differences you see are the improvements in grain and resolution in the shadows," said Jeff Jur, ASC, the cinematographer on My Big Fat Greek Wedding and How Stella Got Her Groove Back.
Wednesday's decree saw the removal of the Wau county commissioner, Fada Anthony Taban and his Jur River county counterpart, Karlo Manyuon Majak who were transferred to Bagari and Roc Roc Dong counties respectively.
But a jur y rejected his claim and convicted him after a seven-day trial at the High Court in Dundee.
The congress was held at the Jur y's Hotel and was hosted by Autism Initiatives Crosby.
Tengase en cuenta que la abreviatura JUR se refiere a resoluciones no publicadas en los productos CD/DVD de Thomson-Aranzadi.
132, carta del consul Erba del 1 febrero 1897; Jur.
It also carries full text of all related articles from "Am Jur Proof of Facts," "Am Jur Trials" and "ALR Annotations.
Now available on CD-ROM using PREMISE Research Software, Am Jur 2d on PREMISE analyzes state and federal law from A to Z with citations to primary and secondary authorities, including references to relevant cases, statutes, treatises, and form books.