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JURAJPEG Utilities Registration Authority
JURAJerome Urban Renewal Agency (Jerome, ID)
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They asked for exclusive use of Astor Whisky and Lord Astor Whisky plus Glenbatrick Whisky and Corran River Whisky - both named after beautiful bays on the west of Jura.
Yes, what a shame that Rajoy didn't immigrate to the canton of Jura.
JURA has the largest assortment of automatic coffee centers on the market, which it sells in over 50 countries.
LLB, which first announced in March 2013 it would shed Jura Trust, said the transaction fully serves the interests of the unita[euro](tm)s employees and clients.
The Prime Minister and wife Sam have taken their three children to a 20,000-acre estate owned by her stepfather Viscount Astor on the remote Scottish island of Jura.
Although phlebotomine sand flies have not been reported in Jura to date, Phlebotomus perniciosus sand flies, proven vectors of leishmaniasis, have been found in 2 areas neighboring Jura: Cote-d'Or and Saone-et-Loire (2,3).
Ym mhorthladd cuddiedig Port Askaig fe groesom ar fferi bach i Ynys Jura sydd tua hanner maint Sir Fn ond dim ond 150 o drigolion yn unig.
Jura has 120 days to comply with the listing criteria.
The impressive Jura is filled with luxury from the L-shaped hall with feature staircase, to the dining room that boasts a spectacular panoramic bay window, giving a conservatory-like ambience.
Federer is set to make an appearance in Dubai at an invitation-only event 'Meet and Greet' by Jura.
V CSAC Jura were allotted berths at Qasim International Container Terminal on Thursday, May 20.
The bird, which was found dead on the island of Jura, was 22 years old.