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The rules, tools and processes, as well as the tailorable nature of JxDS, provide a near-perfect fit to the joint seabasing concept, filling gaps in logistics command and control to strengthen and support the ability of the JFC to project and sustain military power anywhere in the world.
Many of the lessons emerging from past and current MNE events, along with the JxDS, will shape how DoD can utilize the types of services and equities our coalition and interagency partners bring.
The four primary organizational structures currently being assessed under JxDS are the Deployment Distribution Operations Center (DDOC), the Enabled J4 (EJ4), the Joint Force Support Component Command (JFSCC), and the Combined Logistics Command and/or Center (CLC).
Forces Korea, elected to implement JxDS via the command-based option, JFSCC, which provides the commander a single point of contact for support.