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JYMJunior Year in Munich (study-abroad program in Germany)
JYMJunior Yearly Meeting (Religious Society of Friends)
JYMJohia Youth Ministry
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But they could see the light of day again with a national park on their doorsteps, says Jym St.
Formally known as extensible markup language, XML separates the presentation from the data, so you can access the data without the presentation, said Jym Barnes, executive vice president, Electronic Commerce & Internet Solutions, NaviSys, St.
A mobile Java agent (or agglet as it is called) running under a JYM fits the bill.
Jym Jann, IS Manager - Network & Technical Services for Oregon Medical Group said of the deployment, "Working with INX to plan and implement this Cisco solution has been the most critical part of delivering on the vision we had when we started this project, namely, improving the overall patient experience, building the right framework for advanced unified communications, and ensuring business continuity, compliance and ease of management.
The show is a collaboration between Chantal Daly and Jym Daly from Fidget Feet, a male dancer, singer, aerial technician, music designer and video artist.
Also, Depp does no singing in the new version, something that should make local film buff Jym Wyant happy.
Jym Daly is the drummer in an Irish band called Loop Guru.
In fact, as Mote Scout Jym Dyer points out, one of the more astonishing facts about these deaths is that a Chevron Nigeria spokesperson did admit to complicity
MatrixOne's Jym Leonardi, semiconductor industry solutions architect, and Rick Stanton, director, high tech industry solutions will review successful PLM implementations at semiconductor companies, offer tips for how to know when your organization is ready for PLM and will discuss how to get started with a PLM implementation.
Koo JYM, Gambla G: Psychodermatology: Delusions of parasitosis and other forms of monosymptomatic hypocondriacal psychosis.
The radio program is produced by Tres Hombres (Paul Rappaport, Jym Fahey, Mitch Maketansky) and hosted by Bob Buchman (WAXQ-FM, New York).