K-12Kindergarten through 12th Grade (US)
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5 million per year between 1958 and (about) 1964 to reimburse K-12 counselor education programs and provide stipends for graduate students enrolled in NDEA institutes.
Other ongoing efforts include the development of a preschool curriculum that would provide uniform benchmarks of age-appropriate instruction and achievement, and forging partnerships between dance educators in the private sector, K-12 and secondary schools and higher education such as conservatories, colleges and universities.
Eduventures reports that K-12 online education, a rapidly growing segment of the education market, is expected to grow 30% in 2007.
The Complete K-12 Report: 2015 contains thoroughly updated and expanded market intelligence, based on literally dozens of proprietary surveys in K-12 Market Size & Structure, Market Size for Textbooks & Supplemental Materials, Market Size and Growth Rates for Digital Products and Services, The Social Studies Market, The Reading Market, The Mathematics Market, The Effects Of Common Core State Standards, Public School Enrollments & Funding, and much more!
Schools: Seven for K-12 at Edwards Air Force Base, Boron and North Edwards
National Science Foundation grants support about 1,300 nanotechnology research projects, with researchers being encouraged to create K-12 education plans and activities, says Manny Van Pelt, an NSF spokesman.
The ten teachers (all female) had from two to 30 years of classroom experience and were full-time educators in the K-12 context.
A necessary step in achieving the objectives of the K-12 program is the provision of teachers with the requisite disciplinary and pedagogical skills.
Jack Lynch, recently named president and CEO of the newly formed company said, "I am very excited about the opportunities in front of us to be the leading provider of community, content and commerce to the K-12 market.
The two cases, which have been consolidated for oral argument, involve challenges to K-12 public school student assignment policies that use race as a factor when assigning students to particular schools.
announced today two new resources designed to improve school productivity and performance for K-12 administrators, teachers and technology coordinators.
Long Beach might also be called a pioneer town today, because its K-12 and higher ed communities acknowledge that they need each other and have partnered to bring about systemic school reform.