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KEFFK-Effective (Distribution Coefficient)
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For high-volume manufacturing applications at 45nm and beyond, Novellus' advanced low-k, ILD, IMD, and dielectric diffusion barrier films offer the lowest k-effective, superior RC control, and an easily integrated low-cost dielectric solution.
Employing recent breakthroughs in dielectric film deposition and interface control processes, Novellus has developed a technology package that delivers a 5 percent lower k-effective value than alternative approaches, without the need for complex material changes (see Figure 1 for a cross section of a test structure built with Novellus' dielectric films and interfacial control processes).
RC scaling is about k-effective, not the absolute k value of each layer," said Mandyam Sriram, director of technology for Novellus' PECVD business unit.
In addition to identifying and evaluating ultra low-k materials, the consortium's engineers also are working to ensure that low-k structures reflect a k-effective value of 2.