K-LKarhunen-Loeve (mathematical expansion)
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Los resultados muestran que la Transformada K-L hace una mejor recuperacion de la amplitud de los reflectores, eliminando refracciones que causan eventos someros irreales e incrementando la coherencia lateral de los eventos sismicos, facilitando la interpretacion geologica.
The K-L Transform separates the Ground roll from the reflector signal, permitting to subtract it from seismic data.
Figure 4 shows the interactive spectral analysis for Seismic Record No 12 of UN-01, before on top and after on bottom the application of the K-L Transform.
The processing of the UN-01 Seismic Line provided stacked sections shown in Figure 9, on top conventional and on bottom with K-L.
The stacked section in RM-01 in Figure 10 was obtained with conventional processing on bottom and with application of the K-L Transform on top.
By the other hand, high dips (black arrow), are observed in conventional process image which are not true because the direction of seismic line was N-S, parallels to the beds strikes of the tertiary sediments with very smooth dips; in consequence they must be horizontals in the seismic section, as it is observed in the K-L image in agreement with the subsurface geology.
According to Bharadwaj, K-L principal Peter Locke tried to get her to add scenes of female nudity to the film, reneging on an agreement to let her original version of the script stand unchanged.