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Installed at foundry and memory manufacturers, K-T Analyzer 9.
The in situ specimen demonstrates that a gap devoid of non-avian dinosaur fossils does not exist and is inconsistent with the hypothesis that non-avian dinosaurs were extinct prior to the K-T boundary impact event," a team of scientists wrote in the publication "Biology Letters.
While he does not contest that MediaNews owns K-T, he does contend "we have an option and interest" to be exercised in 2003.
This band of clay at the K-T boundary contains shocked quartz minerals, which typically form only in extraterrestrial impacts.
K-T Analyzer is designed to help ease this burden so our customers can make the right decisions -- the very first time -- in order to keep their lithography process optimized and production running smoothly.
Hecla had earlier sued Zemex Corporation of Toronto, Canada, for refusing to close on the purchase of K-T Clay's ball clay and kaolin operations.
Scientific interest in the process of impacting has surged in recent years as researchers accumulate evidence of life-disrupting blows at the K-T boundary and other major turning points in geologic time.
K-T Clay also operates a clay processing plant in Mexico.
As agreement over the impact has grown in recent years, much of the research and debate regarding the K-T mystery has shifted to questions of severity: How devastating was the collision and how did it affect life?
Brown said, "Along with the potential sale of K-T Clay and our cash conservation measures, there are a number of positive things happening that should favorably impact our stock price.
The redating of the Iowa crater leaves only one other known suspect in the K-T drama: the Chicxulub crater in the Yucatan Peninsula.
Hecla has hired an investment banking firm to assist management in considering possible avenues for growth and other strategies for the 109-year-old mining company, including the potential sale of K-T Clay.