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K14Keratin 14 (dermatology)
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The joint venturers on the Buffalo Hills, Caribou Mountains and Rabbit Lake properties and in the K14 project area are Ashton (ACA.
Engine: K14 VVT, 1372cc Power: 93bhp@6000rpm Max torque: 130Nm@4000rpm Gearbox: 5-spd M/4-spd auto Wheelbase (mm): 2,650 Kerb Weight (kg): 1,010 Fuel efficiency: 20.
The more invasive a tumour was, the more cells with K14 it had.
In the comparative study with normal cells quoted above, (74) SEMA3C, ITGB4, CDH3, and COL6A1 were highly expressed in the epithelioid MPM subtype; L1CAM, K14, and INP10 were overexpressed in the mixed MPM subtype; and MMP9 and PLXN3 were overexpressed in the sarcomatoid MPM subtype.
Bazal subtipler EBS, lokalize K5, K14 EBS, Dowling-Meara K5, K14 EBS, jeneralize diger K5, K14 EBS, benekli pigmentasyon K5 EBS, muskuler distrofi Plektin EBS, pilor atrezisi Plektin, tx6B4 EBS, otozomal resesif K14 EBS, Ogna plektin EBS, migratuvar sirsinat K5 Tablo 3.
Molecular epidemiology of human herpesvirus 8 in Africa: both B and A5 K1 genotypes, as well as the M and P genotypes of K14.
com)-- FutureCarbon is exhibiting its products at the Hanover Fair in hall 6 at booth K14.
The K-18 was a modified version of the K14 gyro gunsight developed during World War II.
com 14285 Road K14 Ottawa, Ohio 45875 (Miller City-New Cleveland High School)
Products: Polyphase 678 dry film fungicide, Polyphase 663 dry film fungicide/algaecide, Polyphase 662 dry film fungicide/algaecide, Polyphase 600 dry film fungicide/algaecide, Polyphase CST dry film fungicide, Polyphase 641 dry film fungicide, Mergal K10N in-can preservative, Mergal 680 in-can preservative, Mergal K12N, in-can preservative, and Mergal K14 in-can preservative (all available/approved for use in U.
So, it's really spurring economic development and making communities think differently about how they're using their resources to invest in K14 and K16 education.