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K19Keratin Polypeptide 19 (protein)
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In those times of uneasy truce between East and West, an explosion on the K19 might have set the world on a hideous course towards Armageddon.
Although coated detrital grains occurred in all investigated core sections (Table 1), they were the most numerous in the sandy ejecta of core K19, where the content of phosphatic fossil fragments is the highest.
It was touch and go for a while whether actor Liam Neeson would be able to take on the physically-demanding role of the popular Captain Polenin in K19 as he was still recovering from injuries he received in a near fatal bike crash.
Satellite connection information: Ku SES 01 Transponder K19 Slots AB (9 MHz) Downlink Frequency: 12086.
dagger]) Patients with serotypes K15 (1), K19 (3), K31 (1), K46 (1), K54 (2) and nontypeable (2).
K6 > K5 > K3 > K4 > K15 > K17 > K22 > K19 > K23 > K24 > K21 > K10 > K9 > K8 > K18 > K16 > K20.
Early maturity inbred lines K1263/2-1, K2331, S61, K1264/1, KE72012/1-12, K2816, TVA926, K1263/ 1, K722 Moderate maturity inbred lines K615/1, K1264/5-1 Late maturity inbred lines OH43/1-42, K18, L105, M017, K19, K74/ 1, B73, R59 Table 2: Grain corn hybrides names to evaluated.
The Jambo contingent was also boosted by eight survivors of the notorious K19 "Widowmaker" disaster at the height of the Cold War.
If Calista is, like the pregnant-again Catherine, planning to be around for the long haul then she only needs to watch K19 for a foretaste of what is to come.
The highest grain yield in heat stress condition belonged to inbred lines K166B and K166A and hybrids K18HK166B and K18HK42/2-2-1-21-2-1-1-1, in normal condition belonged to lines K365 1/2, K166B, K47/2-2-1-3-3-1-1-1 and K19 and hybrids such as K18HK166B, K18HK42/2-2-1-21-2-1-1-1 and K166AHK3640/5.
But some illustrious reputations seemed to be under threat, with Arnie Schwarzenegger failing to muscle his way through Collateral Damage, Harrison Ford stiffening his upper lip as he sank faster than the holed submarine in K19 - the Widowmaker and Clint Eastwood wrestling with the years in Blood Work.