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K25Gaseous Diffusion Plant (at Oak Ridge, TN)
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263/EML/N/15 Table Refurbishment for K25 Electron Beam Welding Facility
Kylie's visit is a very special gift to Sydney this year and our K25 float was a way of returning that love back to her," said SGLMG CEO Michael Rolik.
6 Minor felsic bodies Unit Sample # K22 K24 K25 K28 K38 Si[O.
Meanwhile, a critical shortage of the country's staple food -- maize -- has drastically pushed up the price of mealie meal by nearly 100% -- from K25,000 for a 25kg bag to K48,000.
The Government has chipped in by allocating K25 mln to cocoa fund and K7 mln for copra fund.
For the first stage of the project, with an estimated cost of K25 billion (US$22.
Among the cavalcade of spectacular floats was the Sydney Mardi Gras much anticipated entrant, K25, which saw over 100 dancers pay homage to singer Kylie Minogue and her 25 year career in the music industry.
Thank you all for an amazing 2011, Aphrodite's year, and here's to K25 in 2012
Consumption characteristic of the boiler K25 was elaborated from the known efficiency curve.
CNA Loss/Damage Database, USAF combat loss 882, pg K25.
The K25 mechanism is meant to attract to NIH-relevant research those investigators whose quantitative science and engineering research has thus far not been focused primarily on questions of health and disease.