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Most K2B walkers prefer trainers to walking boots because they are lighter and are less tiring to the legs over the length of the walk.
In 2003, K2B founder and electronics visionary Ken Schaffer invented the first place-shifting device that allows people to watch their home TV programming anywhere in the world with an Internet-connected device.
Through an aggressive targeted marketing campaign, K2B aims to dramatically broaden the sales of TV2Me, which was introduced to cutting-edge customers beginning in the summer of 2003, and is currently in use on 4 continents.
The alliance makes Vcommerce and K2B the first to fully integrate supply chain execution with planning systems.
Quite simply, K2B brings knowledge to business and it is a natural complement to Vcommerce solutions.
K2B accomplishes this by analyzing the company's data, as well as industry information, using knowledge-based solutions that they design, develop and maintain in-house.
K2B is based in Kansas City with a West Coast office in San Francisco.