K2PKimura 2-Parameter
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On a similar note, Health Ministry Director General Walid Ammar, who spoke at the launch ceremony, told The Daily Star that the value of K2P lies in its ability to harness the wisdom of those working on the ground, not just in its ability to synthesize scientific studies.
Using the K2P method, the accepted threshold for species delimitation on the basis of DNA barcode data is 15% K2P (Chang & James 2011).
The performance of each barcode and all their combinations was assessed by means of the genetic distance from the K2P (Kimura's two parameters) pairwise distance matrices (Table 2, Fig.
Neighbor-joining tree of K2P distance for all 80 successfully barcoded ant specimens from Isla del Coco.
0025 6 Sample size (n), mean intraspecific corrected divergence (d = K2P (Kimura 1980)), number of haplotypes (A), haplotypic diversity (h), nucleotide diversity ([pi]), number of organisms sequenced ([n.
Instead, we used K2P model of substitution because it still accounts for variation in rate between transitions and transversions (Kimura, 1980), and the unevenness of base frequencies was not excessive (range 0.
suite 304, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K2P 2K9, Phone: 613.
150 Metcalfe St, #1900 Ottowa, ON Canada K2P 1P1 STUART STEEL PROTECTION CORP.
OTTAWA TOURISM & CONV AUTHORITY 111 Lisgar St 2nd Fl K2P 2L7 Mgr: Timothy Whitehead 613/237-5150 Sales: Beth Freeborn Gross square feet of exhibit hall space: 70,000 Number of meeting rooms in convention center(s): 22 Number of hotel meeting rooms: 397 Number of hotel rooms in city (or county): 7,000 Number of committable hotel rooms: 4,000 Number of major airlines: 7 Peak Months: May-Jun; Sep-Oct
The mailing address of the PricewaterhouseCoopers Survey Centre is 180 Elgin Street, 10th Floor, Ottawa, Ontario, K2P 2K3.
Information: Canadian Institute of Child Health, 384 Bank Street, Suite 300, Ottawa ON K2P 1Y4, Canada, 613-7988029, fax: 613-798-2422, e-mail: scall@magma.