K2PKimura 2-Parameter
K2PKnown to Police (band)
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The dialogue was supported by a K2P Briefing Note, which brings together the best available local, regional and international evidence, and offers recommendations for action.
K2P metrics in our results retrieved relatively low divergence from the remaining C.
In addition to completing its series A financing, K2P welcomes Rick Segal to its board of directors.
The NJ and UPGMA using K2P genetic divergence were created to provide a graphic representation of the patterns of divergences (Fig.
The K2P dialogue provided a roadmap for improving patient safety and reducing medical error in Lebanon," K2P director Dr.
The performance of each barcode and all their combinations was assessed by means of the genetic distance from the K2P (Kimura's two parameters) pairwise distance matrices (Table 2, Fig.
Using the K2P method, the accepted threshold for species delimitation on the basis of DNA barcode data is 15% K2P (Chang & James 2011).
The facility showcases Buhler's market-leading Sortex optical sorter equipment featuring a Sortex E1D for frozen fruit and vegetables and Sortex K2P machine for fresh products.
La DC produce elevacion de cuerpos cetonicos y/o acidos grasos asi como de los canales K2P, sin embargo, hacen falta estudios (8).
Contact: Canadian Association of Optometrists, 234 Argyle Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario, K2P 1B9, Canada; phone: 888-263-4676; e-mail: <info@opto.
Fluorescent cross-link K2P was decreased by NC-I, NC-II, aminoguanidine, and pyridoxamine (P = NS).