K98Karabiner 98 (German rifle)
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Many of the children do not live far enough away from school to qualify for free transport and with the loss of the K98 service will not easily be able to get there any more.
Ninety-five percent of the respondents to the T1 survey worked for entities with less than $250 million in revenues compared to only 36 percent in the K98 survey.
He also has a small number of what he calls the 'Battlefield Souvenir', a real veteran K98 that has been in combat, shows all the rigors of the battlefield and the ravages of war.
Children at St Joseph's RC Primary School at Dalton could be left stranded when the K98 service is removed from Friday next week.
This is a K98 that has been in combat and shows all the rigors of the battlefield.
Prices started at about $250 for a K98, not bad for a piece of history.
In quality, it's heads and shoulders above a typical K98, and its super slick action is something to be experienced.
For years now we've all been seeing Mitchell's advertisements for WWII K98 Mauser rifles; but now they are telling us "There are No More Mausers.
In the continuing search for the last Collector Grade K98 Mausers, a treasure trove of WWII parts and accessories was accidentally discovered--a time-capsule of items prized by collectors.
Only skilled prisoners were selected to assemble the K98 rifles.
The K98 has been sporterized for years and there are plenty of good 8mm barrels lying around somewhere.
I shot all four loads in the M63 for accuracy and velocity side-by-side with a 1941 Portuguese contract Oberndorf Mauser K98 for comparison.