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KADSKnowledge Acquisition and Design Structuring (artificial intelligence)
KADSKineton Amateur Dramatic Society (UK)
KADSKirkcaldy Amateur Dramatic Society (Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland, UK)
KADSKnowledge Analysis and Documentation System
KADSKnowledge Asset Development System (UN Population Fund)
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KADS OBJECT(TM) provides a structured, model-driven approach for developing the logical design of a knowledge-based system and is generic across domains, operating environments, and development tools.
KADS OBJECT(TM) was developed at Bechtel over the last two years by combining the leading knowledge/software design technologies from Europe and the United States.
Karen Gardner, manager of consulting services for BSI and the principal architect of KADS OBJECT(TM), the KADS modeling approach provided a sound basis from which to develop the methodology.
s 1991 Supplier Award of Excellence for delivering these benefits in a KADS OBJECT(TM)-based project developed for the U.