KAFCOKuwait Aviation Fuelling Company
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Al-Mudhef added that the internationally-renowned award was granted to KAFCO in appreciation for its good and sustainable safety and professional standards and measures.
KAFCO was formed on 1st July 1963, but its expansion started in the early 1970's.
Al-Mudhef made his remarks in a statement to reporters on the sidelines of a ceremony hosted by KAFCO marking its Golden Jubilee.
The official pointed out to the existence of coordination with the Kuwait Civil Aviation to overcome all obstacles and obstructions inside the airport, adding that the company's focus will be on the Gulf region to attract Gulf companies which in turn contribute in the increase in KAFCO sales.
Meanwhile, the Chief Executive Officer of Petrochemical Industries Company (PIC), a subsidiary of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, Assad Al-Sd expressed his pleasure in attending KAFCO's Golden Jubilee, because as he described he was "once assumed command of the company in the past," pointing out that since KAFCO establishment in 1963, and until now the company conquered everything.
By Osama Jalal KUWAIT, March 25 (KUNA) -- The state-run Kuwait Aviation Fueling Company, more commonly known as KAFCO, is set to celebrate its Golden Jubilee in a ceremony on Thursday amid the attendance of Minister of Oil and State Minister for National Assembly Affairs Ali Al-Omair.
KAFCO has spared no effort or expense in order to procure equipment of the highest standard.
KAFCO is keen to cooperate with other parties to work on having it completed,
Ali Al-Obaidi and Chairman and Managing Director of KAFCO Asaad Al-Saad, OSSC
As per the deal OSSC will provide KAFCO facilities with fire, rescue and