KAIIKurzweil Applied Intelligence, Inc. (makes voice recognition products)
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It is worth noting that managers in the Western owned companies in Singapore were the highest scoring of the Singapore groups on KAII (Foxall, 1992; Korth & Pettigrew, 1999).
Kaiser is particularly pleased that KAII will save and create hundreds of jobs in the Birmingham, Alabama area, and we are excited by the prospects for KAII for substantial growth and profitability," said Doug McMinn, President and CEO of Kaiser.
Nasdaq Small Cap Common Stock KAII and KAIIW) systemwide student enrollment increased by approximately 18% during the second quarter of fiscal year 1996 (ended March 31, 1996) from 2,545 to 3,002 preschool children.
The Kaiser companies have filed a motion before the US Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware seeking to reject the five-year alumina supply agreement between KAII and Alcan's subsidiary, Pechiney Trading Company (PTC).