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KAITKanagawa Institute of Technology (Kanagawa, Japan)
KAITKatzman Automatic Imaging Telescope (Lick Observatory; University of California, Santa Cruz)
KAITKaufman Adolescent and Adult Intelligence Test
KAITKorea Association of Information and Telecommunication (Seoul, South Korea)
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Jeremy Shirley, marketing director for KAIT, said Sciortino would be responsible for all advertising sales, including online and classified ad sales.
Tim Ingram, general manager at KAIT, said Potter no longer worked at the station.
According to a Sun report, a female employee at KAIT noticed a tile was out of place in the bathroom.
Ingram is expected to join KAIT in early June, and Fortenberry will skip town about 10 days later.
He was the general sales manager at KAIT before becoming general manager there.
KAIT has one-upped the CBS affiliate by offering four digital channels.
KAIT, an ABC affiliate, now has its regular station, its HD counterpart, its 24-hour local weather channel, and since September has been offering The Tube Music Network, which is all music videos, all the time.
Unlike station managers' responses when Nexstar Broadcasting Group purchases a cluster of stations, KAIT General Manager Ted Fortenberry is optimistic about the opportunities this merger will bring.
KAIT was the only station to collect top five rankings in every category, being ranked No.
Now, it can be argued KAIT doesn't really have competition, since its rivals are 70 miles away in Memphis.
Best weather segment went to Shane Carter at KAIT, with second going to KHBS/KHOG's Charles Salser.